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Practical, yet frivolous.


Hello, my name (according to two year olds) is Nia, and this is my new blog - brought to you by foolish desires for shiny new things and the prudence of not showcasing the more obsessive aspects of my nature on livejournal.

I am getting married to this man and we live in a house with The Cat of Extreme Fluffyness.

In my spare time I like to think grandiose thoughts and watch a lot of television.


shoes, astrology, tarot, having the sofa be mine allmine, long bubblebaths, gratuitous use of the colour pink, randomness, evidence of black humour, procrastinatory banter with the handsome administrator, nonstalkerish people watching, spurious photography, shineys, sunlight, what not to wear, travel, whinging, cake, righteous indignation, diy haircuts, reading,