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i just found your blog by happy accident.
I am sorry about the woman you regard your second mother.
You write beautifully.
Take care.
Oh, your cat is the fluffiest.


Sorry for your loss :(

A (literally) old friend died of lung cancer in '03. I used to call her Gramma because she was so ace. This reminded me of her.


hello, i found you via your comment at finslippy and completely sympathise with your moving trauma (please note British-English s in sympathise to show just how much i feel this, lol).

and i'm so sorry about your second mom. your post about your dad was brilliant as well. i've bookmarked you.

and my little one loves the Fluffiest Cat.


Welcome kristin and chloe!

Thank you for you for visiting and leaving me nice words. :)


:( say I to the loss of splendid adoptive grandparents...

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